EPB Is Wrong To Increase Rates - And Response

Monday, September 24, 2018

Recently EPB has decided to raise rates by up to $8 per month. They claim that they are losing money on the video side because the cut the cord campaign. It's funny that EPB wants to have 100,000 subscribers by doing this. Comcast is going to raise their rates and EPB is doing it as well.

They don't get it since by raising rates then they will ensure more people will cut the cord and use their smart TVs for getting their movies and TV programs. EPB should listen to its customers instead of jacking up the rates without any notification until it has already happened since they are a local company, unlike Comcast which is nationwide.

It's common sense if they want more customers then they shouldn't jack up the rates because of what everyone else is doing. What have they given in return for the rate increases? So far nothing since they took away the standard definition channels from the premium channels.

Is EPB going to increase the storage on the DVRs since they did away with the standard definition channels? Only time will tell on that one.

How much will the increase be in another year when Comcast jacks up their rates? I am sure that EPB will do the same since they will fall back on the claim that they are losing money.

Let the public know that EPB is in the wrong on this and let them know that their customers will not take it anymore.

Bobby Stanley

* * * 

Agree. EPB, stop it!  One of many ways that EPB could save money is to stop all of their TV commercials.   

Another novel approach would be to stop upper echelon's bonus; stop their annual pay increase; and stop contributing to their tax free retirement accounts.   

Stop the greed, EPB; have a heart.

Bren Turner   

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